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Khachane Caviar


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About us


Established in 1999 in Brussels, Khachane Fishmongers was born out of a family passion for maritime delicacies and an earnest desire to offer exceptional products. Drawn to the exclusivity and allure of caviar, we seized an opportunity to bring an unparalleled touch of culinary excellence to our discerning clientele. Since its inception, the establishment has enjoyed steady growth, broadening its product portfolio while upholding stringent selection criteria. We have garnered an impeccable reputation for both quality and expertise in the field of caviar.


Our core values are rooted in quality, artisanal craftsmanship, and sustainability. We are steadfastly committed to supplying only the most superior grade of caviar, adhering to the highest industry best practices. Our mission is twofold: to present our clientele with an unparalleled caviar experience whilst adhering to ethical and sustainable practices.


This caviar is distinguished by an initially fruity aromatic bouquet, followed by sophisticated mineral notes and concluding with a subtle briny finish. It pairs exceptionally well with dishes such as scallops in truffle cream, thereby elevating the gastronomic level of the culinary experience.

Imperial Gold

This exceptional caviar is distinguished by its golden hue, the significant size of its grains, sourced from sturgeons that have reached a maturity of 10 to 12 years, and its sophisticated aromatic profile. It ranks among the most prestigious varieties of caviar.


Featuring an especially pleasing grain texture, the Oscietra variety stands out for its low salinity levels and nuanced notes of dried fruit and maritime aromas. These taste pearls are a true delight for the refined palates of connoisseurs.